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    Globally sourced, USDA certified organic specialty coffees


    Personalized Label

    What better way to honor your service or the service of a Veteran than by giving them a personalized label coffee with their military story!

    Ammo Can Starter Kit

    Your ammo can starter kit will contain a 12 ounce bag of each of our primary roasts. 

    5.56 Light Roast

    7.62 Medium Roast

    .50 Dark Roast

    You will also receive the re-useable plastic ammo can and a Military Coffees T-shirt!

    Specialty Coffee of the Month Club

    The specialty coffee of the month club was designed to bring the finest coffees available to your cup on a monthly basis. Members will receive a 1lb bag of our roast master's choice every month in addition to a quarterly bonus gift. The shipping is included and only members will have access to these specialty coffees sourced from the far reaches of the globe. 

    Our Story

    Our Foundation

    Fighting Force Specialty Coffees was born from the love of fine coffee, a dedication to public service and wanting to share it with our fellow veterans and public service families. 

    We founded the company to bring you the best coffees in the world - coffees that we want you to enjoy just as much as we enjoy hand selecting, roasting and producing just for you. 

    Quality First

    We pride ourselves on providing 100% USDA certified organic, fair trade specialty coffees from around the globe. 

    We work with farmers directly to source the highest quality hand picked coffee available. Our farmers only pick the ripe beans, putting forth the effort to bring us the highest quality beans available. 

    This year, there are several trips planned to source more unique and awesome coffees that we are excited to bring to your cup!


    Although we offer a wide variety of coffees, we also like to offer you something unique. 

    With our ability to print personalized labels on site, we can customize your coffee label just for you. That means you can have your picture, unit crest or logo on a bag of coffee. 

    Whether you want one bag or a million bags, our unique and proprietary process allows us the flexibility to help you honor your service, a veteran, a friend, family member or even your military unit.  Check out our personalized labeling in the online store. 

    Who We Are:

    Larry Curell

    Following in the footsteps of my dad, I enlisted in the Army after four years of ROTC in High School. I spent a total of 8 years in the U.S. Army and Army reserve components. 

    Serving domestically and overseas in a special operations unit and as a paratrooper on active jump status I learned the importance of attention to detail and quality quickly. 

    I am always looking for a challenge and Fighting Force Specialty Coffee allows me the challenge of bringing the highest quality coffee available to my fellow service members, veterans and public service employees. 

    I look forward to sending you the best that we can find! 

    I am all ears if there is something you want - just shoot me an email and I will gladly see what we can do for you.

    The Roastery

    The roastery features all of the equipment you would expect from a specialty roaster. We don't store roasted coffee - we roast it and ship it out the same or next day in order to maximize the quality. 

    We have the capacity to get thousands of bags out on a daily basis using our state of the art gas powered Detrich coffee roasters. 

    From green coffee to roasted, packaged and custom labeled bags, we do it all right here in house. 

    The coffee that we produce is the result of many hours of cupping and analyzing the roasts we produce.

    We source only the very best certified organic specialty coffee that we can find. The proof is in the cup. 

    Dana Kern

    I was a Captain /Paramedic with the Bullhead City Fire Department 26 years and a Flight Paramedic with Air Evac / Guardian Air Transport.

    My commitment to public safety has been a mainstay in my life and being a part of something as meaningful as Fighting Force Specialty Coffee is an amazing experience.

    The dedication that our armed services personnel provide us is unparalleled in my opinion.  To be a part of a company that is able to return that commitment in the quality of coffee we produce is a small contribution but we give it our very best.

    Seeing the faces of the armed services personnel on the custom labels of the coffee that we ship everyday is inspiring! It really brings into perspective for us the strength of our nation.

    I have been involved in the wholesale coffee roasting business for the past 13 years.  

    Thank you for your commitment to us!  Our commitment is to you!

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